• Most. Secure. Earring. Back. {Period}

    Lock your earrings with Chrysmela

  • Never worry about losing an earring again, ever.

    Simply replace all your earring backs with Chrysmela.

    Protect diamond studs, statement chandeliers and all your favorites.

  • Secure Earring Lock

    The Double Locking Earring Back

    Chrysmela is the only high-tech lock-and-unlock earring back in the world. Patented in 5 countries, the US, UK, France, Italy and Japan, Chrysmela is packed with high precision technology found in smart phones and fine watches.

    Three micro ball bearings are spring-activated inside the tiny device, and generate super strong holding power to lock earrings securely.

    Chrysmela is so strong that it can suspend an object over 17 pounds! But we haven’t seen anyone wearing an earring that big, have you?



    Chrysmela’s patented technology grips your earrings securely, protects them from falling off and gives you peace of mind.


    Chrysmela’s internal mechanism is made of surgical stainless steel. Our luxurious coatings in platinum and gold do not contain nickel, a known cause of allergy.


    Chrysmela fits straight posts between 0.6-1.1mm, most earrings on the market today.

  • Chrysmela Extra

    The Only Lift & Lock Earring Back

    Extra lift and support for heavy earrings and delicate earlobes.

    Need Extra Support and Lift?

    But Not A Jumbo Back

    Chrysmela Extra provides instant lift and fit with precision technology and patented design. Easy to handle. A must-have upgrade for any conventional earring guards.


    In Platinum, 24K Yellow and Rose Gold. Surgical stainless steel internal mechanism. Removable support disc is 3/8" wide.  Hypoallergenic.

  • Chrysmela Catalog

    Chrysmela for all your earrings. Earring Jackets for fashionistas.


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    "This Might Be the Most Genius Jewelry Invention Ever"


    “Chrysmela is ‘kind of like a super affordable insurance policy to

    protect’ all your earrings.”


    "Our favorite Japanese import

    since Sushi"


    "An Age-Old Jewelry Problem Solved"


    "Chrysmela is a brand of earring back that keeps earrings where they should be, namely on your ears."


    "The MOST secure earring backs ~ they keep your earrings in place without bugging your ear.  Something we swear by!"

    JCK The Industry Authority

    "The Product You Didn't Know You Needed."


    "Chrysmela Extra is like putting my precious jewels in a lockbox that only I have the key for. I enjoy having that kind of security!"


    Unique travel accessories you need on your next fabulous trip.


    "Cheers to securing your style!"

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  • Where to Find Chrysmela

    24x7 Worldwide

    Chrysmela Catch in Platinum, Yellow and Rose Gold

    Get Chrysmela the Same Day, if you needed it yesterday.


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    Shining Wing ear jacket secured by Chrysmela

    Shop our earring jacket collections. Ships globally.

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  • Earring Jackets Powered by Chrysmela

    Add these to your studs and see how dramatically you can change the look.

    Infinity Earring Jackets

    With Cotton Pearls

    These earring backs are the perfect blend of function and style. They can be added to almost any pair of earrings and their locking back feature will prevent them from falling out!  These feather-light pearl earring jackets will add style to your earrings in infinite ways.

    Pearl Earring Jackets

    With Swarovski Crystal Pearls

    Transform your everyday studs into a tres chic French couture look in seconds, simply by attaching these earring jackets to any studs you have and expand your earring wardrobe infinitely.  Perfect to change the look from the desk to dinner, on the go.

    Statement Drops By MASAAKi TAKAHASHi

    Swarovski Crystal Master Pieces

    Set with Yose-Mono art of Samurai tradition, these elegant earrings are comfortable and feather-light even with large Swarovski crystals in the design.  These look amazing with LBD or jeans.

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  • FAQ

    If you don't find an answer here, please contact us at info@Chrysme.la

    Does it work with screw posts?

    Screw Backs

    In general, Chrysmela works on screw posts. But the threads on the posts may make it difficult to insert Chrysmela, and also may become less rigid and deep over time with the friction against Chrysmela’s precision internal mechanism.


    If you find it not an issue, then you would enjoy Chrysmela. In fact, many of our customers have happily upgraded their screw backs to Chrysmela.

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    What is Chrysmela Extra?

    Difference from Chrysmela Catch

    Chrysmela Catch and Chrysmela Extra are the identical earring backs. The only difference is the removable disc which is included in Chrysmela Extra for lift and support.


    We introduced Chrysmela Extra for customers who are used to using a disc type earring back. Chrysmela is strong and secure enough alone to hold even your heaviest statement earrings. But some delicate earlobes may benefit from the extra support of Chrysmela Extra.

    How secure is it?

    Our Patented Double Locking Technology

    Chrysmela holds your earring securely at 2 points: First, wherever, however you are comfortable to gently “sandwich” your earlobe between your diamond and Chrysmela. While invisible, 3 micro ball bearings are working hard to hold tight onto the earring posts. So it may seem “normal” or “nothing special”, they are very secure. Secondly, if or when your earring gets caught with your hair or sweater and moves, Chrysmela firmly grips onto the little notch at the end of your earring post - this works like a safety net. Chrysmela stay locked until you unlock it.

    My Chrysmela moves. Is it ok?

    Slight mobility is normal, and still secure.

    Chrysmela’s secure design inherently makes it move slightly, depending on the material and size of your earring posts. More importantly, for your comfort. It is still secure, not broken. Earring posts sometimes vary in size, even for the same pair of earrings. So you may see one of the pair does not move, but the other moves slightly.

    One of the pair seems to have less locking power than before. Why?

    How to Clean Chrysmela

    Just like eyeglasses or jewelry, Chrysmela needs cleaning periodically. Hair conditioners, sunscreen and natural skin oil may accumulate inside and may compromise Chrysmela’s strong hold. Please try the following method. We recommend to clean Chrysmela every 4-6 weeks, or more often during the summer months.


    *** How to Care for Chrysmela***

    1. Soak

    Soak in lukewarm water with a drop of mild soap for a few minutes. Use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for even better results.

    2. Clean Inside

    Use a small size soft interdental brush (0.6 to 1mm: 0.8mm is best). You can find one online or at local drugstores.

    1) Insert the brush just like an earring post.

    2) Unlock Chrysmela, and pull the brush gently. Rinse and repeat 2-3 times.




    I cannot remove Chrysmela!

    How to Unlock

    Your Chrysmela refuses to come out of the box, or off your earring? Chrysmela locks onto a post so securely that it needs to be “unlocked” before being pulled out of the box, or removed from the earring.


    As shown in the picture here, slide the tip of your fingernail under the very top plate of Chrysmela, unlock it, and then pull it away. Also, please watch the helpful video on this website. You can find the video by going all the way to the top of this website. Then click the "UNLOCK" button.

    Can children use Chrysmela?

    Mothers would know the best.​

    Due to our high-tech precision technology, in general, we’d recommend Chrysmela to anyone who understands the locking-and-unlocking mechanism. But you'd know the best.


    While Chrysmela is hypoallergenic, some earrings posts and base are not. That may trigger irritation, causing some small children constantly pull on their earrings. Chrysmela itself will not render earrings or posts hypoallergenic.

    I am interested in wholesale.

    To jewelers, stores, and fashionista.

    Join the leading jewelers to stock Chrysmela. Please contact us from here. In Japan, 1,000 jewelers sell Chrysmela to make sure their customers enjoy wearing their favorite earrings everyday with peace of mind.

  • Upgrade Your Favorite Earrings from Special Occasion to Everyday Status.

    by locking them with Chrysmela

    Chrysmela will give you Peace of Mind. Focus on what you do, not worrying about losing an earring.

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